Fantasy Football reimagined.

For decades, fantasy football games have been the same experience. AllStarXI aims to change this by creating the most fun and accessible fantasy football game ever.

Levelling the playing field

AllStarXI will make fantasy football more accessible and help you with making the best transfers and substitutions at the right time, based on your own preferences and predictions.
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Social at its core

Built around the group experience, AllStarXI lets you play and compete with your friends. There will be a group chat where you will be able to communicate with your friends. The game will also share all important information and highlights before, during and after matches within the group chat.
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An alive experience

Current games feel static, cold, boring. AllStarXI will be an alive experience, with beautiful graphics, slick animations and all the information presented to gamers in real-time. No more refreshing your screen to see the final scores having to wait for hours to see the final rankings.
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Shorter commitments

Don't want to play the entire season? AllStarXI allows you to compete in shorter leagues or challenges.
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Our team

We’re a group of entrepreneurs, gamers, sports enthusiasts and creatives who are committed to creating an amazing new fantasy football experience.